The INtedisciplinary WOrking Group On HIV & AIDS Representations and Practices began as a series of biweekly working group meetings in 1994 and 1995. These meetings brought HIV/AIDS researchers from Berkeley together with community based organizations to discuss prevention efforts in the Bay Area and abroad. The purpose of the working group is simply to provide an informal forum to facilitate the exchange of ideas and professional networking between service providers, activists, and academic researchers in areas related to AIDS prevention. The working group meetings were sponsored by the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities and hosted by the Berkeley Community Law Center. The meetings offered lively discussions on topics ranging from AIDS and Afrobrazilian religion to the role of cellular immunity in managing HIV infection. Because these seminars reached only a small group of people, I decided to organize a web site that would reach a larger audience and have a more lasting impact on prevention theory and practice.

The idea for the Managing Desire Conference grew out of these working group meetings. The Townsend Center generously sponsored the 1996 Berkeley Conference and the creation of this Web Site. Special Thanks to Tina Gillis for her continued support.

For more information contact Nicolas Sheon at nsheon@uclink2.berkeley.edu


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